The Story so Far

The war between Anglosir and Norennar ended with the massive magical explosion that destroyed the Arcane College and the surrounding lands, including the majority of the Dwarven Homelands.

The Dwarves retreated to Norennar, the humans allowing the dwarven refugees to setup camps around near their towns.

The PCs, start in one of these refugee camps, Aldor. They are called upon by the dwarf in charge of the camp, Elina Shortbeard, to investigate the disappearance of several children.

The party investigate the last know locations of the children and discover what, they eventually determine are the markings left behind from magical portals. They also find that all of the children had minor magical talent.

The group decides to find out if this is only happening to the dwarves or if any human children are being taken and head to a local tavern in Aldor. There they meet the Rugen Brothers, one of which has had their young child taken. A child that was also magically gifted. Talking with the brothers they decide that they need to talk with the mayor of the town, however, with the Elven occupation of the town, getting to see the mayor would not be easy.

The group makes their way to Lord Helfren’s manor, to find it guarded by elven soldiers. They deny the group entry, stating they are not on the list of scheduled meetings for the mayor. To gain entry Athgar punches one of the Rugen Brothers in the face. The mayor’s guards see this and insist on taking the group into custody, since they witnessed the attack they are within their rights to take custody.

We were taken to see Lord Helfren, and no charges were pressed against Athgar. We spoke with the mayor about the abductions. Based on the information he instructed us to meet with his court wizard Alonar.

Alonar, as it turns out, is an elf and very odd (he drinks wine made with his own piss). By working with Alonar, the group confirms that some form of magic portal was used in the abduction of the children. The group also gets a lead that takes them to the a house of a local farmer.

At this house the group finds a local man that was involved with the abductions. He was hired to identify magically gifted children. The children were taken and he was paid. We also we find the next clue leading us east to the Human capital, CITYNAME. We left the farmer in the hands of the Rugen Brothers, trusting them to do what is needed to the man. (Note: unsure if we found the returned dead bodies of the children in this house or if that wasn’t until the next location were we first find them.)

At the Capital, we track down the address where messages to the farmer where coming from. However, the building is in the thieves guild’s territory and we do not escape their notice. We talk with the guild leader about why we are there and he says he know that house and that they have had similar abductions. The house is boarded up and off limits, it did belong to one of their members who they had found responsible for the abductions (Note: need to confirm this). They grant the group permission to investigate. While searching the building we find a pile of dead bodies. Its the children. Their eyes appear to have been burnt out. Khagen, while down there investigating, finds out that not all of the bodies are still dead. Several of the corpses rise as undead and begin to attack. After the zombies are dealt with we find more evidence that points to the Elven capitol as the end point for where the children are being taken.

The group makes plans and gathers supplies for the journey. We get passage on a boat headed for Anglosir. During the journey we assist with protecting the ship from Elven Pirates that attack. We manage to take over the other vessel and find documents the implicate the Elven nation sanctioning the pirate attacks on human merchant vessels.




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